Increase efficiency in Travel, Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics are the heart of the world’s economy. In this sector, you must rely on mobile solutions for daily operations. From airlines to ferries and supply chains within logistics companies. You can benefit from fast messaging solutions at low cost in business critical processes.

The impact of mobile messaging technology has emerged across the industry to increase efficiency and enhance customer services. Messaging can be easily integrated into processes and systems for crucial communications in the supply chain.


  • 包裹递送通知
  • 司机路线更改通知
  • 货物及车辆位置更新
  • 调度更改通知
  • 重要更新提醒
  • 提升客户服务质量
  • 与员工双向沟通

Why others choose CM

Logo Samskip

The international sea freight carrier Samskip uses CM’s platform for automated scheduling updates and for two-way communications. Samskips drivers get real-time updates on route changes. CM Telecoms mobile solutions help Samskip improve workflows and even reduce on emissions of carbon dioxide.

Logo Jetairfly

One of Belgium’s mayor airlines Jetairfly, notifies its crew on changes in their schedule through CM Telecoms platform. Jetairfly sends updates on potential delays and gate changes. The company uses SMS among others as Internet access abroad could be scarce.